For Immediate Assistance Call 513.681.PLAN

Support Groups

The Spring Grove Family Grief to Peace Gatherings are held at Spring Grove Funeral Homes - Spring Grove the 3rd Tuesday of each month and at Spring Grove Funeral Homes - TriCounty the 4th Tuesday of each month. Grief to Peace is facilitated by Sheila Munafo-Kanoza.  Join us to learn more about Grief and the steps to take toward Peace.  Please see our events page for more details. 

Companions on A Journey
  • Grief Specific Groups for Bereaved Parents,Widowed Support, Surviving After the Death of Suicide and Open Grief Support. 
  • Mending Hearts for Grieving Children, Teens and Their Families.
  • Shelia Munafo-Kanoza, Executive Director 513.870.9108
The Grief and Bereavement Institute
  • Cancer Family Care 513.458.3585
For Surviving Parents and Grandparents
  • Compassionate Friends - West Chapter 513.629.9598
  • Compassionate Friends - East Chapter 859.283.1926 
  • SIDS Foundation 513.636.8000
  • Reach Out 513.921.7690 
  • MADD 513.769.6800 
  • AARP Grief Support Line 866.797.2277 
For Surviving Children and Siblings
  • Fernside 513.246.9140
Additional Grief and Outreach Groups
  • Griefwork 513.922.1202
  • Robert Schuller 714.NEW.HOPE

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