As we age, our needs change along with our legal rights and protections under elder law, a segment of the legal profession focused on providing legal assistance and advice to individuals aged 65 and older. At Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum, our staff memberswant the Hamilton County families we serve to understand their rights under elder law. We recognize the importance of elder law, a practice designed to assist older adults as they navigate Medicare, assisted living, and long-term planning.

More Older Adults Needing Protection

In recent years, the aging population—the baby boomers—in our country has grown, making elder law all the more important. As this generation entered retirement, it became clear that this segment of the population holds most of the country’s overall wealth. When it comes to older adults, the proper handling of trusts and estates is paramount. Wills and estate planning are non-negotiables and should be accomplished as soon as possible. Preplanning a funeral is another helpful way to ensure your final wishes are honored when the time comes.

Securing Your Qualifying Social Security and Health Benefits

Since 1935, Social Security has helped seniors access the funds required to live comfortably after retirement. It’s crucial to understand how these programs work so that you can receive the financial support to which you are entitled. Medicare and Social Security are often discussed in tandem, as healthcare becomes an even more important aspect of life into old age. Should you end up requiring the use of a long-term care facility, you are entitled to certain rights. Attorneys experienced in elder law can help you face any challenges that may arise from your new living situation.

Planning for the Future

A legal team experienced in elder law can help you navigate any difficulties revolving around estate planning and planning for end-of-life care. Similarly, our expert funeral home staff can provide peace of mind around the future. We encourage all our neighbors to preplan their funerals for clarity and peace of mind for them and their loved ones. Making funeral prearrangements is a simple, straightforward process, and our planning team will provide all the information you need to get started. You can even complete the initial steps of preplanning from home using our online planning form.

Contact our staff to learn more about preplanning your funeral and the ways that elder law protects older adults throughout our community.